Glass craft



The company has been operating in Warsaw since 1954. At the beginning of its existence, the company operated as a flat glass grinding plant and a mirror watering plant.

Along with the development of the company, the department of vacuum metallization and the production of laboratory glasses was established in the studio.
In the years 1962 - 1989, a decorative glass and crystal grinding shop was developed.

Since 2001, the company has been gradually moved to the premises at Płocka 33A ST Warsaw, where company could start providing additional services: flat glass grinding, maintenance and repair of antique glasses, production of Venetian mirrors, firing colored glass in furnaces, fusing, and sandblasting.


Grinding and polishing:

  • repairs and renovation of glass items including antique ones
  • paperweight repairs
  • renovation of vases and decanters
  • grinding crystal chalices

Production of bevelled glass for all types of doors, furniture doors, clocks e.t.c.

  • bevelled glass - different colors sizes/shapes
  • making bevelled glass to lead profiles, stained glass, etc.
  • UV bonding: glass - glass
  • sandblasting of inscriptions and ornamental patterns on glass, mirrors and any vector patterns

Production and assembly

  • mirrors for all types of utility rooms - living rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • glass and stainless steel furniture
  • glass furniture doors, shelves, etc.
  • commemorative prizes in glass, metal, marble, etc.
  • drilling and cutting holes in glass



No access from Płocka street
Access from Rabsztyńska street or from Wolska 60
ul. Płocka 33a
01-231 Warsaw
Working hours:
Mon - Fri: 9-17
Sat: 9 - 11